They work for us trucks recognized brands, that are serviced regularly and exchanged for new ones after a few years. We use semi-trailers equipped with temperature monitoring system cargo. The rigs are always driven by two drivers, which means that the goods are transported swiftly and smoothly.

Trucks available in our fleet are serviced at authorized points. It is a guarantee to eliminate the risk of possible defects. Current control allows you to keep the maximum efficiency of our vehicles. In combination with experienced drivers who sit behind the wheel of each trucks, to gain assurance of transport services at the highest level.

We do not forget about the conditions that must be guaranteed by vehicles from our fleet to the ordered goods came into the hands of the clients without compromising on its quality, fresh, and the entire order was complete. We also remember about the work which in their work put driver. Trucks have the necessary facilities for drivers, which in combination with a regular service vehicle brands, guarantee the smooth implementation of the order.