Food from Poland

Rofood is one of the most dynamically growing companies supplying products available in Poland to EU markets. We make the dreams Poles have of fresh, tasty and aromatic foods come true and we are part of a wave of Polish companies involved in an impressive drive to conquer western European markets.

In our offer includes food, chemical and cosmetic. Products needed for home or store. To our offer we supply products of proven quality, which enjoy an good reputation in the domestic market and the markets of the whole UE.

Among the products most frequently chosen, there are also products difficult available. With us to buy them becomes possible. Mentioned earlier, a potential hits sales of goods is also high quality. With us there are in a competitive market. We have proven that our offer combines the universality and flexibility. And all this goes hand in hand with the highest standards. This approach guarantee that our offer is one of the most recognized and recommended.