Product range

The product range includes close to fifteen thousand items. It includes fresh food in the straightforward and best sense of the word. We have been delivering Polish bread, vegetables, fruit, cooked and cured meats, meat and juices to Belgium, Holland, France and Great Britain for many years. We guarantee a flexible and smooth flow of deliveries. Dependability is our crowning asset. We source and deliver an exhaustive range of food products, household chemicals, stationery and many, many other items. If you have any thoughts, questions or ideas, please get in touch with us. We are open to all suggestions connected with our trading and transport services.

We create original solutions and independently searching for products for which demand is growing among foreign markets. We also know that there is a large number of niche industries looking for very specific products, with specific parameters. Your opinion is very important to us. Thanks to your opinions, in our offer there are products previously unavailable.

Our company characterized by complexity. Providing multiple services at the same time and expanding the range in such a way that in one place, Rofood Export Import, you can equip yourself or your shop, possibly in a wide range.

Polish Food