Transport services

Rofood is also a known and valued business partner for the transport services the company provides. Our well-known makes of trucks and semi-trailers, which are no more than a few years, and the working standards, norms and practices that our company rigorously observes ensure that you can depend on us. We transport goods at regulated temperatures. The 13.6 metre semi-trailers are equipped with loading and unloading lifts, refrigeration units, second decking and thermal bulkheads. We transport flowers, frozen foods, vegetables, fruit and many other products.

Beside of the type of products transported, each transport is properly secured and prepared. We care about the desired conditions during transport and protection methods such that the order was received without any mechanical failures and other.

Our trucks and semi-trailers are prepared in such a way that besides the safety of transport, also provide comfort to drivers who set down to your order. Recipients do not need a ramp or lift trucks, to efficiently carry out unloading.